the Many Benefits of Yoga


puts you into the present moment

become more flexible, stronger & healthier

we can heal ourselves in the process

keeps us more grounded to enable us to handle stress better

becoming oneness

connects mind, body & soul

Why do I Practice & Teach Yoga?

I’m Mike Odbert and I am so grateful to have the privilege of sharing my learnings with others as a Yoga Guide.

Yoga allows me to be in the present moment. Most of my life I commonly experienced worry and anxiety which led to unhealthy thoughts and behaviours. Yoga has changed all of that for me through regular daily practice. It is a way for me to connect my breath to my mind and body, which keeps me in the moment. I’ve learned through yoga that slowing down breathing counters anxiety and stress and soothes our brain.

Yoga is a way of life and has changed me to be a better person. It increases my flexibilities and heals both my body and mind. It allows calmness into my day so I can live a much better quality of life.


Ageless Arts Yoga YTT 200 Certification  &  Ageless Arts Chair Yoga Certification ~ recognized by the Yoga Alliance

Reiki – 3rd Degree

Feel Better • Think Better • Eat Better • Be Better

Yoga Classes I Teach

Please join me at any of the classes listed below